Husband Shoots His Estranged Wife and Her New Boyfriend 



Three people died in a shooting in  Duncan, Oklahoma at a Walmart parking lot. Authorities said a man Wbillado Varela Jr., 43 shot and killed his estranged wife, Rebecca Vescio Varela, 31 and her new boyfriend Aubrey Perkins, 39 before killing himself.


Witness claimed the shooter fired nine rounds, killing the two victims in their car. When Varela was confronted by an armed citizen, he turned the gun on himself.


Investigation into what motivated the attack is ongoing, but family members at the scene said the shooting stemmed from a domestic violence dispute and jealousy over Vescio Varela’s new relationship. 


Be careful with the decisions made within your relationships. Jealousy plays a major factor and can cause people to act out and behave out of character.


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Via: USA Today



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