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Valentine’s Day is a unique time for lovers, spouses and committed partners to express their love, infatuation or interest. It is also an opportunity for people to show their affections not only to their official partners, but also to their cheating partners! Retailers know this all too well as businesses such as restaurants, flower delivery, grocery stores as well as department, designer and jewelry stores all rely on this very day to be one of the most profitable holidays of the year. Flower arrangements, chocolate covered fruit, stuffed animals and of course, lingerie and diamonds are just one of the few of the items lovers can expect from that special someone. With that said, if someone is a cheating partner, be certain they will absolutely be investing in that relationship during Valentine’s Day! If you are having doubts about your partner’s loyalty and think they might be cheating on you, this is the perfect opportunity to find out for sure. Cheaters will surely make a move to impress their lover and you need to be ready to catch them! Get ahead of their game and watch out for the following undoubted moves.

First, LISTEN carefully to your partner’s reasons for being away from you. If they are cheating, they must communicate their lover. Don’t be surprised or naive about the possibilities. They may talk or text with them during a trip to the grocery store, while you’re in the garden or playing with the kids or even cooking their dinner! A quick facetime before bed, while you’re in the shower, or a routine good night text could be some of the ways they communicate. Upkeep of their relationship is absolutely vital for it to thrive and keep the excitement of that relationship going strong enough for them to continue. So if you are listening to an increasing amount of small, yet seemingly unnecessary excuses your partner is making to be in their phone, it may be a sign. Maybe they often claim their boss is calling or that they must call their boss at odd hours. Or perhaps they increasingly volunteer to run out to the store at night to get the groceries for you as a sweet gesture, and it sounds odd, plus they come back with only half the groceries or the wrong groceries, they may be running out to talk to them or even meeting up with them. This all requires lots of TIME….Which brings me to the second thing to watch for.

If your partner is going to work early, staying late or outside of normal working hours and this is becoming a part of the latest routine, trust your instincts and pay attention to out of the ordinary work overtime. Keep a log since most commonly, cheating times are planned and become routine like “Mondays after work” or “Thursdays after dropping the kids off at school.” Another very common thing for lovers to plan is a getaway or a trip. If your partner is talking ever-so-nonchalantly about an upcoming required trip for work, pay attention to their demeanor when they talk about it. They may pretend they don’t really want to go, but they HAVE to and they have no choice because either their boss can’t go, or there is no one else in the entire universe that could possibly do the work for this particular trip. What they are doing, is making sure you won’t object because the other partner is also going through great lengths to plan and arrange daycare, time off work, etc. This trip is not one that can be cancelled at the last minute so it will be planned in advance and must be foolproof, usually at least 3 weeks ahead of time. So if your suspicious partner is planning a trip around Valentine’s Day, it may possibly be a secret getaway with their lover and worth investigating!


The last foolproof way to catch a cheater during Valentine’s Day is to watch the MONEY. On both sides, whether male or female, cheaters will undoubtedly spend money for either gifts, a special dinner and drinks, or on a trip to be with their lover. Their job won’t pay for it and they will be using vacation time as well…. Unless they are clever enough to combine it with a business trip. Even then, they must use cash or their personal credit card for certain items while on their trip, like drinks at a club, dinners or a massage. They must spend money either on their lover, or to be with them. A woman may buy new outfits and get her hair and nails done before this “ever demanding” business trip. Pay special attention to what is packed like perfume and matching underwear and of course, the best bras. For men, they may take only their best clothes and cologne. Watch out for any cash withdrawn from the bank that is inexplicable. These sure signs can all be easily investigated.

If you are suspicious of your partner, and any of these signs apply to you, give me a call and I will take it a step further to find out for sure whether your partner is being unfaithful. You deserve to know. Call Detective Gomez at 214.823.5600 or visit me at


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