Have You Heard?!?  Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.  Bye-Bye Kayne West.


Have You Heard?!?  Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.  Bye-Bye Kayne West.

Maybe Kim Kardashian Just Wants Something Different In Her Life.

It started with a shot of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian, out and about.  When asked, they responded that they were just friends.  Nothing to see here.

Then there was a night out on the town, and a roller coaster ride.  Hands were held, and the entertainment world was all a buzz.  More and more pics of Pete and Kim K. are surfacing and they appear to be getting closer.  And by the way, contrary to tabloid opinions…friends hold hands, it doesn’t mean anything.

But then the news came out that Kanye shaved his eyebrows the other day.  He shaved them completely off. Is this cry for Kim to come back? Kind of a “look what I did for you.” Is this just his type of crazy bubbling to the surface again, just like the presidential campaign and all the other incidents that make most of us say, “Whaaaat? Kanye did what?”

When asked, sources say that Kim K.”likes” Pete… aww, how sweet.  

Is this the beginning of a beautiful relationship?  

Maybe Kim has finally realized that she needs a little less crazy-town.

We all grow up, some faster than others.  We mature and our tastes change.  Our habits, our morals, everything evolves over time, and not one of us is the same person we were twenty years ago. I wish them all the luck with whatever their relationship is.

Kim and Kanye had a good thing.  But each is in a different head space than they were years ago, when their relationship was young.  Morals and ethics have changed, along with the goals for the future, that now include children.  And now Kim just wants something different.  

Kim K. is no longer focused on being on the red carpet, but is thinking about a peaceful home environment to raise and nurture her children. She doesn’t need someone ranting and raving on social media, she doesn’t need to feel obligated to Kanye.  She in fact is obligated to herself and her children, and providing the best home possible.

Do you need to re-evaluate what you need from your relationship?

Is one chapter of your life story now over?  Do you need to move on for the sake of the family?

Don’t let yourself stay stuck in a rut.  You deserve the best this world has to give, and staying in an unhealthy relationship is not the path to success.  There is nothing wrong with realizing that your needs and expectations have changed.  There is something wrong with staying with a partner that is not building you up. 

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