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What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Should it be about your weight? Your study habits? Whether you should start getting to work on time? What’s the MOST important thing to you right now? If your answer is your loved one, and if you suspect or even have an inkling that they are being unfaithful to you, you should make it your New Year’s resolution to find out! Because unless you get your relationship straight and into a place where you feel safe again, you CAN’T concentrate on anything else like losing weight, changing your study habits, or getting to work on time! The worry and stress of your fears get the best of you and they rob you of who you are meant to be: A creative, loving individual with much to give to your partner and to the world. However, you cannot be who you are meant to be if you are bogged down by the worry and uncertainty of the possible infidelity of lover/spouse. “Well”, you may ask yourself, ”What if they are right and it’s all in my head?” or “What if I’m wrong?” The ONLY way to find out for sure is to break out of your cycle, be brave, and take back control of your life by proving it to yourself whether they are or are not cheating on you. It is the only way you will ever be able to decide to move on and be happy again. Are you afraid you’re right?? Well ask yourself, are you happy with how things are right now? If the answer is No, then you owe it to yourself to find out for sure whether your lover or spouse is cheating on you. Something has to give. Or will you risk waiting until they blindside you and leave you for their lover? Be prepared. Start a new year with a special resolution in mind…..PEACE OF MIND.

If you find out it’s true, and your partner is indeed cheating on you….the stress of not knowing will be gone. And if they have already moved on to someone else and are looking for happiness elsewhere, then they are ahead of you and it’s only a matter of time before they find someone to permanently replace you with. Not because something is wrong with you, but because something is seriously wrong with them that only they can fix. You cannot fix them. Don’t be afraid to leave this toxic predicament they put you in. If fact, they don’t give you much choice at this point since they violated one of the most sacred promises of a relationship. It’s fair game now and you should not be afraid to find someone who will value you and make your their priority! But most of all, someone who will keep their promise of being faithful to you. You deserve that. It will take time to get over your last relationship, but the sooner you start making yourself available for a HEALTHY relationship, the sooner happiness will be yours!

Start the year out right! You are worth it. I can help you if you give me a call, so that we can find what’s really happening to you. Lay your suspicions to rest once and for all. Let’s set an appointment so you can begin the new chapter of your life, without the worry and stress and indignity of possibly being cheated on. You are meant to spend your life giving the BEST of yourself to your loved ones and to the world in this NEW YEAR! HAPPY 2018!!!


Call Detective Gomez at 214.823.5600 or visit me at www.detectivegomez.com  BTW I do travel!

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