Getting in cars with strangers: once dangerous, now normal.


Years ago, the thought of strangers and random people was considered dangerous. Nowadays, its simply normalized into society. Getting into strangers cars, talking with them online is how we communicate now. And even though yes we are told to be cautious and careful, we still never think that the random car we are getting into will somehow be the death of us. Unfortunately, for this young girl. It was. Recently, a 21 year old college student in South Carolina was murdered after entering what she thought was the Uber she ordered when she left a bar in the middle of the night. The man pretended to be her Uber and took her.

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Unfortunately, there have been several cases already of people, girls especially being scared of Uber and Lyft drivers, people pretending to work for the companies and kidnapping people. There are a lot of ways that what happened to this girl could have been avoided. First, she was alone. Being at a bar in the late hours of the night alone is never a good idea for anyone. You become a target to a lot of predators. Second, being intoxicated and alone makes your chances of becoming a target even higher. Third, her friends should not have left her. It is important for people to understand that when you see someone who is left by their friends in a state like that, to offer a helping hand. That is another way what happened to this college student could have been avoided. Unfortunately, she made an honest mistake that could have possibly happened to anyone. With all this scrutiny, people are demanding that both Uber and Lyft perform more thorough and detailed background checks on the people they hire. Sadly, even someone with a clean record whom you’d never suspect, could be crazy. This is why it is important to have your guard up and be prepared no matter where you are or who you are with. Detective Gomez offers a variety of self defense tools on his website that you can use in order to feel safe wherever you are!


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Hace años, el pensamiento de extranjeros y personas random se consideraba peligroso. Ahora, simplemente es normalizado en nuestra sociedad. Metiéndose adentro de carros de personas extrañas, hablando con ellos en linea is como nos comunicamos. Y aunque nos digan que tengamos cuidado, igual nunca sabemos si el carro que nos subimos va ser el ultimo y lo que nos causa nuestra muerte. Desafortunadamente, para esta joven chica, si lo era. Recientemente, una chica universitaria de 21 años en Carolina del Sur fue asesinada después de que se metió al carro de un desconocido cuando estaba pidiendo un Uber en la noche saliendo de un bar. El hombre, pretendió ser el Uber y se la llevo.

Desafortunadamente, han habido varios casos ya de muchas personas, especialmente chicas que tienen miedo de subirse a Ubers y Lyfts porque ay gente que pretende trabajar para la compañía y las secuestran o peor. Hay muchas maneras que lo que le paso a esta chica pudo haber sido prevenido. Primero, ella estaba sola. Segundo, estaba intoxicada y sola y tercero sus amigas la habían dejado. Es importante que si uno ve a una persona en esa situación, ayudarlas y asegurarse de que lleguen a sus casas a salvo. Trágicamente, ella cometió un error que le pudo haber pasado a cualquiera. Ahora varias personas están demandando de que Uber y Lyft chequen mejor a las personas que contratan. Pero, siempre es mejor estar preparado porque aunque alguien tenga un record limpio, igual pueden estar locos. Detective Gomez ofrece una variada de herramientas para defensa propia en su pagina web que usted puede user para poder sentirse a salvo donde sea que este!



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