Dr. Han Jo Kim & Miss USA Regina Turner: The Surgeon and the Tramp


The Doctor and the Tramp

He is a very talented, very successful spinal surgeon, known across the United States.

She is a beauty queen, chemistry major, and living off of her inheritance….Or is she?

The recent divorce of the lovely former Miss USA Regina Turner and her hubby Dr. Han Jo Kim, has been the talk of all the gossip headlines. Tails have been wagging over the surprising facts that are being dragged out in divorce court for the last couple of weeks. If you haven’t heard about this, you are not up on your current events.

Why does this successful and perfect couple have our attention?

It’s not because of the money involved in the divorce.

It’s not because of a bitter custody battle.

It’s because…

“She is a high paid prostitute!” alleges the court documents.  Recently released publicly, the dirty details of the divorce have revealed that Dr. Kim may have been great as a doctor, but this girl had been deceiving him since the beginning of the relationship.  Here are some of the horrid details that came to the surface:

His beauty queen wife vs. the truth:

Chemistry major, put education on hold for beauty pageant vs. dropped out of high school.

Buying clothes on phone app vs. contacting high paying tricks for upcoming sexual encounters.

Dependant on her successful husband for support vs. $700,000 income.

The good doctor, no matter how smart he is in the medical field, was dumb to the facts of his relationship.  A very intelligent man was outsmarted by a high school drop out, turning tricks for cash.  How can this happen?

He was blinded by love.  He was married to an image of a woman, not the real woman.  And now he is paying the price.  He is involved in a costly divorce case, his image is ruined, and his ego destroyed.

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