Dallas Is #1 For Cheaters Per Capita, Than Any Other City In The US


Wanna Find A Cheater?? Come To Dallas Texas

When you hear that Dallas Texas is #1…what is the first thing that you think of??

Did the Dallas Cowboys win the SuperBowl?  Sorry, this hasn’t happened in many years.

Did the Rangers win the World Series?  Sorry, this will not be happening in the near future.

#1 in BBQ?  That is debatable…

Dallas Texas has been deemed #1 in the number of people that are cheaters!

MyDatingAdvisor.com has crunched the numbers, including data from the Census Bureau, and has determined that there are more cheaters in Dallas than anywhere else in the United States.

Dang it ya’ll, they have scientific numbers.

How did they come up with this distinct honor?

The first data that was analyzed was the marriage vs. divorce rates for the Dallas metro area.

Then the group looked at the emotional/physical well-being of the populations, and other areas like the community and the work environments.

Lastly, the group analyzed the number of venues that are described as “hook-up or affair” websites and the venues that these sites recommended in Dallas.

Who knew that there were recommended places to go to best have an affair?

Detective Daniel Gomez handles cases with cheaters every day.  He not only does corporate and personal investigations, but he specializes in catching the cheaters of Dallas.  And from the new numbers, it is a business that is booming right now.  Detective Gomez spends his days and nights catching the cheaters that think that they are above being found out.  Detective Gomez has logged thousands of hours watching and documenting the crimes of the heart, exposing cheaters that are disrespecting their faithful partners at home.

Detective Daniel Gomez and his team have 25 years of experience handling cases of infidelity.  They have the compassion and empathy to handle each and every case individually and in an understanding manner. If you suspect that your partner is sneaking around behind your back, you need to call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  Do not wait and wonder what may be going on when you are not looking.  

Detective Gomez has the most up to date technology in tracking and locating your “missing” partner.  He can find out who he/she is meeting and where your loved one may be spending all of his/her free time.  Let Detective Gomez do the watching for you. Visit him at www.detectivegomez.com 

Dallas #1


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