Chaos Ensues As Love Field Airport Shooter Rants ” My Husband Cheated, Now I Am Gonna Shoot This Place Up!!”


Chaos Ensues As Love Field Shooter Rants 

People Take Cover As Woman Shoots Up Love Field

On July 26,2022 Portia Odufuwa was dropped off at Love Field Airport, where she entered with no luggage.

She then entered the restroom, and according to the security video, changed her shirt into a hoodie.

This is where the chaos begins….

Ms. Odfuwa exits the restroom and begins to shout.  Rants about her relationship, rants about the airport, and then the threats.

Witnesses say that she began to threaten to “My husband cheated and now I am gonna shoot this place up!”

She pulled out a gun and began shooting at the ceiling.

Panicked travelers ran for cover,

Trained security guards came running towards the gun shots.

Highly trained police flooded the scene almost immediately.

The shooter was quickly taken down with a strategic shot to the leg, from an officer’s gun.

Ms. Odufuwa was taken into custody and taken to the hospital for observation and was then taken to jail to be booked in on numerous charges.

The scene was quickly secured and peace was restored thanks to the Dallas Police Department.

Detective Daniel Gomez commends the officers that bravely ran towards the gunfire, first and foremost.  Secondly, Detective Gomez says that everyone needs to be situationally aware.  Love Field is an airport and often classified as a soft target.  Big crowds of people, all absorbed in their own worlds, oftentimes ignoring what is going on around them, or how to react if something like this ever occurs.

Detective Gomez recommends one of his processes to attending performances, eating out, and going to other soft targets like the airport, “Always find your closest exit.  If you are in a theater, know where the emergency exit is located, if you are at church, find the closest door out of the area, etc.”  He says that he does this, no matter where he is in public, just in case something would occur and he would need to get out of the area quickly.

Another recommendation that the team at Gomez Detective Agency has is to watch an active shooter training on YouTube.  Many employers are requiring these types of training during onboarding, but for everyone else, Detective Gomez says that there are several very well produced and informative training available to watch on video.  It doesn’t hurt to be educated on ways to stay safe.

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