Caught Cheating? Who Are You Going To Blame?


Caught Cheating? Who Are You Going To Blame?
2022…Time to Be A Real Man

You have been caught cheating on your wife.
She found your texts to the other women.
She hired a well known private detective to follow you around town.
And now you have been caught sleeping around.

What is your response?
“She shouldn’t have gone through my phone, it’s her own fault.”
“That incompetent detective she hired, it’s his fault.”
“My dad cheated on my mom, it’s his fault.”

It is your fault, and no one else’s.
Let me say that again, no one forced you to cheat, and it is all your fault.
No one put a gun to your head and made you disrespect one of the people that loves you. You can’t blame her for finding out, she knew something was up. You can’t blame the detective for doing the job he was paid to do, and you can’t blame your parents. You are a grown up, and you are the only one that makes decisions for you.

Blaming others for your infidelities is like blaming the drug dealer for your addiction.
Stand up and be a man…own your actions like an adult.
You cheated on your wife, end of story.
It is time to move forward. You can either change your attitude, or continue to disrespect the women in your life. If you choose not to change, I can guarantee, you will be a very lonely man. Not only will women not date you, people like your mom or sisters will quickly lose all respect and trust in you, because of your behavior with women. Let’s be honest, how many times have you heard someone say, “That’s my brother, he’s great, he’s a cheating dog.”

Right now, you are sitting at a crossroads.
You can go to the right, and quit cheating on women and gain the respect and love that you deserve, from your family and your spouse/partner.
You can go left, and continue to look at women as objects, and continue to lie and cheat. You will gain no one’s respect, no one will trust you, and you will not have a loving and trusting relationship.

If you have been caught cheating on your wife/girlfriend, look in the mirror and make a change.
Be the man you are supposed to be.
Or you may be running into a private detective like Detective Daniel Gomez.
He will always see you, before you see him.


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