But Who’s Underwear Are These Anyway?Aw Hell No, Those Aren’t My Panties!|Vixen Erika Jayne and Tom Giardi


But Who’s Underwear Are These Anyway?

Aw Hell No, Those Aren’t My Panties!

Vixen Erika Jayne and her long time hubby and infamous attorney, Tom Giardi are splitsville.  We have seen the headlines of the demise of their marriage for weeks now.  Between the bankruptcy, the lawsuits, and the divorce, both parties are scrambling for cash.

The gorgeous mansion has been sold and the previous residents are residing in much humbler abodes.  In the rush to liquidate all the assets, Tom Giardi’s legal team is auctioning off the possessions of the infamous law firm.  Some of these possessions include art, furniture, a bust of Tom Giardi himself, and sexy red lingerie.  

Wait…what?  Red lingerie…you mean…panties?!?  Yes, essentially, red, lacy, women’s panties.

And they are for sale?  Could this be Tom’s way of giving a slight “dig” at Erika?

Why would the wife keep lingerie at the office?  After an afternoon delight, wouldn’t she take them home with her?

If these items were a gift for the wife, wouldn’t they be gift wrapped?

And where are the tags?  Are these items “used?”

All these questions lead most of us to the same conclusion…these were not Erica’s panties.  These were used by another woman, not Erika.  Which leads us to the question “Did Erika know of Tom’s possible infidelity?”  “Is this the first evidence that she has seen?”

This is a horrible way to find out the worst possible scenario.  To have the world, via the internet, see that your husband is unfaithful.  They see that you have been disrespected.  They see that there is no love in your relationship.

Don’t let anyone treat you like Tom is treating Erika Jayne. If you need to know if your spouse is being unfaithful, before the rest of the world knows, call Detective Daniel Gomez. Detective Gomez can save you, and find out discreetly if there is any infidelity occurring.  He uses top of the line technology to determine when and where your spouse is going somewhere, and more importantly, who he/she is with.

Detective Gomez is a world renowned private investigator with years of experience in surveillance.  He possesses the skills and knowledge it takes to get you the information that you so desperately need.  Let him take your case and get you the relief that you deserve.  He will confidentially collect the information and present it to you in a timely manner.  He has a special sense of empathy, from personal experience, that makes him more than just a private investigator, he is your friend in your need.  Call Detective Daniel Gomez today! Visit www.detectivegomez.com



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