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There are certain circumstances in which you may need to protect yourself by recording conversations without telling the other party. Texas’ wiretapping law is a “one-party consent” law. In Texas, it is legal to intercept or record any “wire, oral, or electronic communication” if one party to the conversation consents. Texas Penal Code § 16.02.

The best way to record covertly is by using a Covert USB Voice Recorder with Voice Activation. Product Link: []

AMAZING Price: $49.00


It looks like a regular USB flash drive but contains a secret voice recorder on the inside. With voice activation technology, the Covert USB Voice Recorder only records sounds when they happen- saving you from reviewing hours of blank recordings. Get the evidence you need with the Covert USB Voice Recorder with Voice Activation.


Top Features Include:

  • Voice Activated Recorder
  • Up to 16 Hours of Battery Life
  • 8GB Included Internal Memory (50 Hour Capacity)
  • Functional USB Flash Drive
  • Covert Design
  • Time / Date Stamp (Windows Only)
  • Mac & Windows Compatible


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