Ben Affleck Blames His Family For His Issues With Alcohol…What?


Ben Affleck Says On Howard Stern Show, “They Made Me Drink” 

Ben Affleck Blames His Family For His Issues With Alcohol…What?

“I drank because I felt trapped.”

“I felt trapped.”

“I can’t leave because of the kids.”
“I have to stay for the family, so I drink to cope.”

These are just a couple of the excuses that Ben Affleck tried to use in a recent interview with Howard Stern.  Yes, he went on one of the most popular radio shows and tried to blame all his problems on his loving family. Ben Affleck blamed his weaknesses and shortcomings on the people that loved and supported him the most.

In the interview with Stern, Ben says that he felt like he had to stay in a failing marriage with Jennifer Garner for the sake of the kids.  He felt that he couldn’t leave the family.  This resulted in his drinking and coping with the feelings of hopelessness and doom. 

Just doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

Did someone hold him hostage?  Was there a legal reason he couldn’t leave?

Doesn’t sound like the traditional twelve step program that focuses on being accountable for one’s actions.

This is the same kind of person that blames others for their emotions, their inabilities, and their cheating.  We have all heard these excuses:

She forced me to cheat.  

She won’t give me what I need in the bedroom.

She made me cheat on her more or less.

This is bull…a lie…blaming someone else for his/her own weaknesses.

This is the reasoning of a coward.

This is the type of person that will use you and leave you in the dirt to pick up the pieces.

Do not partner up with someone that blames others and plays the victim.

These people are dangerous and will hurt you in the end, and maybe even cost you money.

Find out what type of person you are with, before the excuses start, by calling the professional you need:  Detective Daniel Gomez, professional investigator.  He is the right person to help you find out if you could be a victim of a coward, like Ben Affleck.  He has the tools and the knowledge to find out all the answers that you need to stay in control of your life.

Call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  Do not waste another minute being the excuse that someone uses to drink or cheat and deceive others. Call Detective Gomez to investigate and find out if the person that claims to love you, is  truthful or is just a coward. 




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