Before You Start, You Must Have a Plan – Don’t Investigate On Emotions


You Wouldn’t Run A Marathon Without Training and Preparing

“Hello?  I need you to catch my husband cheating, tonight.”

“Is my boyfriend cheating on me?  I can’t endure not knowing another minute.”

“I think my wife is cheating on me, can you catch her by next week?”

What is wrong with all of these questions? 

Sounding a little bit desperate?

Each of these statements has involved no planning, no strategy, and are probably based on pure emotions.  The heat of the moment can often make you jump to the only solution that you can think of at the moment.  And believe me, those decisions are not always the best option to follow.

Infidelity, cheating, and lies are all very serious problems in any relationship.  This isn’t forgetting to pick up milk, or staying too long at your mom’s.  Something as serious as dishonesty and cheating, needs to be handled in a serious manner.  This is not something that can be detected in a few hours or overnight.  An affair is not something that will be right out there in the open for all to see, it will be carefully hidden and will require a plan to detect.

Sound difficult?  It can be.  And if your emotions are running high, and you are feeling the effects of stress like sleepless nights, you will need a partner to assist you in your investigation.  You need someone who can keep their emotions in check and get the job done and get the facts that you need.

Detective Daniel Gomez is the man to call.  He has been in your shoes.  He has more than 25 years of professional experience in the police force and as a detective for the popular show, “Cheaters.”  He possesses the knowledge to assist you in designing a plan of action.  Detective Gomez also has cutting edge technology used to track and record a target of interest.  He will sit down with you and simply explain the steps that should be taken next.  Once a plan has been agreed on, he will then follow through with the situation, and report back to you, his findings.

You get a strong partner when you call Detective Daniel Gomez.  He will be able to put your mind at ease, with a thoughtful and thorough plan.  From the first conversation, you will feel the weight of not knowing lift off of your shoulders. Just knowing that there is a professional in your corner can oftentimes relieve the anxiety and feeling alone.

Don’t let the stress and emotion get in the way.  Take a deep breath and call someone who can do the work for you.  Call Detective Daniel Gomez now, and start on the path to resolution.  Get your plan together today!

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