Attention All Students – If You’re Heading Back to School, Read This Post


Attention to ALL students! Fall semester is upon us and school will be starting really soon. Whether you are still in High School, College Undergrad or getting your Masters, everyone knows that school campuses aren’t always 100% safe! Sometimes you walk to school from your house or your college dorm or from your car to your night classes on campus and even though it may seem safe, it is always a good idea to carry personal protection with you just incase! Stay safe this fall semester wherever you go on campus and purchase a self defense or if you’re a parent, purchase product from Detective Gomez for your kids (that are old enough). He has state of the art equipment specifically only for his clients. By buying these self defense products you’re providing a guarantee of safety for yourself and for your family in the future.

For the whole month of August, use code: BACK2SCHOOL for 15% off your entire purchase!

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