Arnold and Maria:  American Royalty to Dirty Divorce|


Arnold and Maria:  American Royalty to Dirty Divorce

Arnold Schwartzenegger and Maria Shriver:  A Decade of Divorce

It was 1996.  

The latest headlines have shocked us all…”The Terminator” has cheated on his beautiful wife and conceived a love child…with the housekeeper.  A trusted family employee.

Suddenly our Hollywood dream couple of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver has hit a brick wall.  All of Arnold’s campaigning with Maria could not hide the fact that he had cheated on her when the family had gone on vacation.  Maria had taken the kids, like a great mother does, and she ended up paying the price.

Some people call it karma.

Some call it fate.

The choices of one night can affect an entire family, forever.

Eventually the truth always comes out.

The love child that resulted from that affair grew up, and Maria eventually found out.

Arnold apologized and apologized, to the kids and to Maria…to no avail.

Now it is 2021.  Finally the divorce is complete.  The properties have been divided, and the terms set.  Our American royalty, Kennedy heir and movie star/politician, had crumbled, right on our televisions.  Another victim of infidelity.

Are you the one that thinks that your marriage is the perfect fairy tale?  

There is no such thing as fairy tales.  Do not be blinded to the fact that every marriage is vulnerable to cheating.  Turning a blind eye to the little things that may seem out of place, may cause you to ignore the big signs that your partner is cheating on you.

Do you want a love child to suddenly pop into your life?

That is not the kind of surprise that anyone wants.

Do you know the signs of infidelity?  Are you ignoring the small signs that there might be cheating going on in your relationship?  Call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  

Detective Gomez has decades of experience in tracking and investigations. He has been in your shoes.  He can advise you on the signs that you should be looking for, and the steps that can be taken to prove the facts.  Detective Daniel Gomez is the professional you need to ensure that no love children are conceived outside of your relationship, to destroy your life ten years later.  He will meet with you confidentially to discuss your situation with empathy and professionalism. 

Detective Daniel Gomez should have been on Maria Shriver’s case.  He could have stopped her from experiencing all of this turmoil, so many years later.  He could have told her what was going on, if she had only asked.  Don’t let this happen to you.

Consult with Detective Daniel Gomez immediately.

Call him today to protect your future!


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