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Antonio Brown…Bad Decisions or Victim

Every NFL fan around the world saw the Antonio Brown meltdown last Sunday.

He threw his team gear into the crowd and danced off of the field.

And as expected he was fired the next day.

Antonio Brown has now come out with a list of causes that caused his juvenile outburst.

It was the coach…

It was the pay…

It was the team doctor…

It was everyone but Antonio Brown.

This is one of the most childish temper tantrums that I have seen out of a football star in a very long time.  These guys are heroes to their fans, and this is how he behaves.  Like a spoiled brat.  

Would you act this way on the job?  Especially if most of America was watching?  No and it wouldn’t be allowed by any of our supervisors either.  Most of us wouldn’t get our last paycheck until the uniform was returned.

What is the point of this?  Blaming everyone else for your bad behavior?

It makes one look childish, selfish, unmanageable, and more importantly, unprofessional.  Not good qualities.  At this caliber of athlete, the fans expect a certain level of professionalism.

When you make a mistake…own it.  Admit that you made a mistake. Throwing a huge temper tantrum and blaming others will not improve an already bad situation.

Admitting the truth and being accountable are some of the most admirable qualities in a person.  None of us is perfect, but admitting it, and not blaming others is the mature thing to do.

The same thing happens when a spouse gets caught doing something unfaithful.  Many times, when caught cheating, a spouse will blame everyone for his/her actions.  “She won’t give me sex.”  “He won’t listen to me.”  It’s everyone else’s fault but theirs.

Look beyond the temper tantrum and all the excuses…usually there is something amiss.

Don’t be blinded by love, and take the blame for things you have not caused or done.

Call Detective Daniel Gomez today.  Find out what he/she is trying to hide with their newfound “victim status.”  Don’t take the blame for anyone else’s bad behavior, including your partner.  Detective Gomez can investigate and find out what the real story is and why you are being blamed.


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