Andrew Cuomo…A Different Time, A Different Place


Andrew Cuomo…

He touched her.  He kissed her.  He employed her and held all the power.

Andrew Cuomo, we have all heard about him and where his hands have been.  It is all over the news and probably will be for a few more weeks.

The investigation that was performed by very qualified and skilled investigators, assembled the evidence needed to show that Governor Andrew Cuomo not only stepped over the line with one woman, but with many women. It was almost like it was a habit with him, or like he didn’t see the problem in his behavior.  Woman after woman has stated that Cuomo sexually harassed them while working for him.

And other people were aware of the predator’s behavior.  

They didn’t say a word about the odd things that they saw.

No one mentioned what they suspected may be going on with the governor.

The investigators uncovered incidents of kissing, intense hugging, patting of the butt, etc.  It was also uncovered that the governor took things further, groping, putting his hands under one woman’s clothing, and fondling her.  What was this man thinking?  Did he think that behavior like this was acceptable?  Was it because of his name?  Was it because of the power of his position?

Maybe they thought that he was of the generation that behaved that way, and it was accepted. 

Maybe they thought that the women consented to the behavior.

Maybe they thought that Cuomo was just stuck in the past, stuck in a day without boundaries.

And why didn’t any of his team report that they saw him kissing someone not his partner?  Why were people complicit in his behaviors?  This type of behavior should have been reported.  The whistle should have been blown, on behalf of the women that were violated.  Even if the kiss were innocent and consenting, it is still not appropriate, in any professional situation.

If you suspect that a co-worker is stepping over the lines with others at work, and you need to find out for sure before you blow the whistle, call the professional, call Detective Daniel Gomez.  Do not bow to the antiquated ideas that men in power are allowed to behave in the same manner as Andrew Cuomo.  Do not write acting like this as just “a different mentality” or “old-fashioned.”  Call Detective Gomez today!

This is 2021.  It is a different time, and a different society.  Sexual harassment is against the law.  Detective Daniel Gomez is the best in tracking and investigating possible “harassers” from the workplace.  He can determine if the person is stepping over the line with co-workers and associates.  Do not wait and make victims that do not have a voice, endure more torture from a co-worker that isn’t being called out for their behavior.  Schedule a consultation with Detective Gomez today. Visit



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