Ancient History Destroyed Over A Girl| Dallas, TX


Ancient Art Pieces Destroyed During Man’s Temper Tantrum

Over 5 million dollars of precious, irreplaceable art was destroyed at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Some of the pieces lost were dated as far back as 450 B.C.

What could have caused so much damage?

Was it a roof collapse?  Or maybe a sprinkler flood?

Weren’t these valuable pieces in protective display cases?

Yes they were, until an argument between Brian Hernandez and his girlfriend.

Angry and unable to control his temper, Hernandez took a metal chair and smashed his way into the museum.  He then took his tantrum out on anything glass…including the display cases of these rare artifacts.

This two year old, trapped in a man’s body, has robbed generations from ever viewing these prized artifacts.  His inability to control his emotions has affected the art world forever.  

What was he thinking while he was smashing display case after display case?

“This will make her agree with me.” ?

And what did he gain?

Besides criminal charges, what did he think he would get from this rampage?

Does anyone really believe after this sad display of emotions, his “girlfriend” is still around?

I hope not.  Not if she knows what is good for her.

Not if she doesn’t want another violent display from him in the near future.

Detective Daniel Gomez has reviewed this case.  He says that the first thing that stands out to him is that this could not have been this kid’s first violent outburst.  There had to have been red flags that the girlfriend had seen before.  Incidents like being overly upset at trivial events.  Detective Gomez says that red flags like these need to be noted.  If your partner has an angry outburst when there are no straws in the take out bag, you may want to take note.

Ask yourself, does your loved one go from 1 to 100 in seconds?

Does the one that you love cause you to walk on eggshells when it comes to a particular subject?

If you are in a situation like these, Detective Gomez says that you need to take a good look at your relationship.  He says to ask yourself the following questions:

Could this person’s temper become out of control?  

Could this person become violent when he/she does not “get their way?”

If you need to talk to someone confidentially, about your relationship with a family member or partner, call Detective Daniel Gomez.  He can give you an unbiased assessment to your particular situation.  Do not wait for the fuse to explode, call Detective Gomez today.

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