Amber Guyger, Infidelity Sexual Distraction 




Former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger’s ex-lover and police partner Martin Rivera, admitted they had a relationship and had exchanged sexually explicit text and provocative pictures on the day Guyger shot her neighbor, Botham Jean last September. 

There are not any rules or regulations in the Police Department over fraternization or keeping people in the department from getting together or cheating in this case. 

Martin Rivera was married while Guyger was single. She was the third party in a love triangle. Rivera took the stand during the Guyger’s murder trial, where he was questioned over their alleged relationship. Prosecutors argued that Guyger was distracted once she was off duty and was on autopilot when she mistook her neighbor’s apartment as her own. When she entered she believed he was an intruder in her home and shot him. 

After the shooting occurred the pair both deleted their text message exchanges deleting any trace of conversations and infidelity between them. At the trial, the deleted messages and calls resurfaced. 


The prosecuting attorney asked Guyger over morals when it came to the love affair between her and Rivera. She admitted it was morally wrong to be with Rivera who was married, and claimed she would stop calling and texting him. She was then questioned why she contacted him again two day after the shooting? She did not have an answer. 

Sources from within the police department say, Rivera’s wife knew nothing over the affair until the day of the trial. She is also a police officer, who may have left her prior husband for Rivera. Rivera then cheated on her with Guyger. 

This is one case with an unexpected series of events can play a downfall when it comes to infidelity in relationships. Make cognate sense of decisions and actions made, because secrets might come out later. 

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