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Are you cheating on me??

Ok, so here it goes to all of you out there who may think someone is cheating on you. When you THINK someone is cheating on you, there are two ways to handle it. The first way is to act normal, use your instincts and try to figure out whom it might be or if they are really cheating? Next is to never make the mistake of asking the dreaded question that 99% of people do ask “ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME?” and of course the answers is 99% “ARE YOU CRAZY? I WOULD NEVER CHEAT ON YOU!”  The reason I’m blogging about this is because I constantly get this situation during my interview with my clients, friends and family members who may have dealt with or currently fighting infidelity in their life. Here is the deal, if they say “yes” then I guarantee you they are not telling you the whole truth! Realize this, no man or woman in their right mind will tell they are having sex with another person. So please ladies and gentlemen of the world do not ask you significant other if they are cheating on you because they will never tell you the whole truth……………………………………………..Visit www.detectivegomez.comimg_0972



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