What Is Your Definition of Cheating?

What do you define as cheating? There are many forms of infidelity but not everyone agrees on what cheating actually is.

How To Catch a Cheater – It Can Happen To You

Cheating spouses can be very sneaky. They try to make you feel crazy and delusional because they need you to believe their lies. Remember, you’re not crazy!

Confrontation on CHEATERS

Busted this woman at a motel. Too bad she forget to tell her husband she was divorced. Checked before the confrontation and she never filed for divorce.


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Juan Hernandez Law

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Download Play To Win

Let’s face it: cheating is such an awful thing.  Have you ever been cheating on before?  What did it feel like when it happened?  How did you deal with your partner?  How did you get over it to move into a healthier relationship?   If you or a friend ever pondered on any of these questions, then Play To Win is a must for you to read!

Detective Gomez Private Eye – Repo

My client Marion sold a car to a buyer by the name of “Jay.” I met with Jay and it appears we couldn’t come to an agreement. Watch and see!

Detective Gomez Private Eye – Car Accident

Nina gets into a car accident. Insurance company tries to contact the car owner. The car owner is refusing to return their calls. Detective Gomez will try to get some answers for Nina. Watch and see!

Confrontation on CHEATERS – Universoul Circus

Crazy confrontation on CHEATERS at the Universoul Circus. Watch to see what happens!

BellaGeneration Hair System

BellaGeneration Hair System

BellaGeneration Hair System is a 4 level, 2 in 1, vegan, polyethnic and cruelty free hair care company with a mission to unlock nature’s potential to deliver solutions that improve the quality of hair.  #whatsyourlevel


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